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Personalised Initials: Adding a Personal Touch to Your Nightwear

At Private Lives, we believe that the beauty of nightwear lies in the details, and what could be more personal than your initials? Our exclusive collection of women's nightwear now features the option to add your initials, creating a unique and personalised touch to your sleepwear. Whether it's a silky robe, a cozy stylish night suit, or a classic Indian lungi kurta, you can make it truly yours. It's more than just clothing; it's a reflection of your style and individuality. With stylish personalised initials, your nightwear becomes a statement of self-expression. So, indulge in the luxury of personalised nightwear and make every bedtime a special moment.

Satin Night Suit For Women With Personalised Initials

Elevate your nightly ritual with our exquisite Satin Night Suit for Women, now available with the option of adding personalised initial’s. Crafted from soft satin fabric, this night suit boasts a luxurious feel against your skin, making it perfect for a comfortable and stylish night's rest. The lightweight design ensures you stay cozy without feeling weighed down. The button-front top features a classic shirt collar and extends below the hip, adding a touch of sophistication to your bedtime routine. The elastic waistband on the pants provides a secure yet gentle fit. What sets this women’s nightsuit apart is the option to personalise it with your initials, making it uniquely yours. It's time to embrace bedtime in elegance and style with our Satin Night Suit with Personalised Initials.

Bride & Bridesmaid Robe Nightgown: Unveil Elegance

Celebrate your bridal moments in sheer luxury with our Bride & Bridesmaid Robe Nightgown. Crafted from soft satin fabric, this nightgown exudes sophistication and comfort in equal measure. The Bride & Bridesmaid printing on the gown makes it perfect for pre-wedding rituals and unforgettable photoshoots. Whether you're the bride or a cherished bridesmaid, this short nightgown is a statement of style and camaraderie. The 100% polyester fabric ensures a gentle touch against your skin, making it ideal for relaxing before or after the big day. Elevate your bridal collection experience with the allure of our Bride & Bridesmaid Robe Nightgown.

Private Lives Personalised Classic Indian Lungi Kurta

Dive into the world of ethnic elegance with our Indian Lungi Kurta, now personalized with your initials. Crafted from soft satin fabric, this kurta embodies North Indian inspiration with a contemporary twist. Immerse yourself in the earthen notes of Punjab as you flaunt this soft, flowing luxe satin attire. The long sleeves and front-buttoned design prioritize your comfort, making it an ideal choice for both relaxation and style. The lungi features a belt tie and front pleats, enhancing its traditional appeal. With your initials, this Lungi Kurta for women becomes a unique, personalised statement of your fashion and heritage. Embrace the blend of tradition and modernity with our Personalised Indian Lungi Kurta, exuding sophistication and cultural richness in every detail.

Supersoft Polar Night Suit with Personalised Initials

Experience unparalleled coziness in our Supersoft Polar Night Suit, designed to keep you warm during chilly nights. The elegant collared top features a zipped front and long sleeves, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. With a below-hip length, side slits, and sleeve cuffs, it combines style with functionality. The pants are equipped with an elasticized waist for ease of wear. What makes this night suit truly special is the option to add personalised initials, giving it a unique and exclusive touch. Crafted from high-quality polar fleece, this woollen night suit promises exceptional warmth and comfort. Embrace the cold weather in style and comfort with our Polar Night Suit with Personalised Initials,, the perfect companion for cozy winter evenings. With the added option of personalised initial, you can make this night suit uniquely yours or gift it to a loved one for that extra special touch.


Q1: what is Personalised initials nightwears for women?

A1: Personalized initials nightwear refers to sleepwear or loungewear items that have been customized with the wearer's initials. These initials can be added to various types of nightwear, including nightgown sets, pajama sets, robes, or any other sleep or lounge attire.

Q2: What font and color options are available for personalised initials?

A2: Private Lives offers a range of font styles and colors for personalised initials for nightwears. You can typically choose from classic fonts and various thread colors to match your personal style and preferences.

Q3: How can I personalise my nightwear with initials at Private Lives?

A3: Personalising your nightwear with initials at Private Lives is easy. When you select a product that offers personalisation, you will be prompted to enter the initials you want during the ordering process. Simply provide the initials, and our team will ensure they are beautifully embroidered or printed on your chosen nightwear.