Edible Lingerie


How to obtain pleasure from your Edible Lingerie?

• You can eat all of your Edible Lingerie garment
and the edible tie strings as well- of course, the
packaging material is not edible.

• Your Edible Lingerie is a novelty item only - it
has no more practicality than an all-day sucker,
but who wears all day suckers?

• Although Edible Lingerie is manufactured
and packaged so as to maintain its flavour and
freshness, it is advisable to leave it sealed in
its freshness bag until ready to use. When worn,
normal body moisture and heat will make it
more pliable and flavourful.

• The more you lick the Edible Lingerie, the better
it tastes so lick well before eating
of course, it
tastes better when properly worn.

• Tie the edible strings loosely to avoid breaking.
Follow all instructions - now get your mate
"bon appetite." Your Edible Lingerie is ideal for
Mid-Nite Snacks, Quickie Lunches, TV Dinners,
Champagne Suppers, Sunday Brunch, Pool &
Jacuzzi Parties.